Orla Dahl Jepsen was the founder and CEO of Actona Company. He developed our attractive concept based on a genuine vision and strong values. Orla Dahl Jepsen was CEO of Actona Company until he passed away at the age of 58 in the year of 2014.
In 1981 Orla Dahl Jepsen opened a small retail store “Marmorhuset” in Holstebro. The store expanded rapidly and changed into a furniture importing company within a few years. The first years the focus was on supplying Danish furniture retailers. In the mid 90’s the international expansion took off and a successful growth strategy was realised.

Today, Actona Company has turned into a global furniture supplier. Our customers are some of the world's largest furniture retailers. But the vision and strong values remain.


Orla Dahl Jepsen founded the company Marmorhuset and opened a small retail store.


The land at Smedegaardvej in Tvis was bought. The following year a new warehouse was built, and in 1999 the administration staff moved into the new extension to the offices.


Extension with 2,500 m2 warehouse in Tvis. The company name was changed from Marmorhuset into Actona Company A/S. Establishing of 1,800 m2 office, warehouse and showroom in China.


Start-up of upholstery production in China.


Another extension was finished in Tvis - Warehouse facilities of 6,200 m2 and a new showroom of 5,700 m2. Start-up of upholstery production in Ukraine.


Building of 15,000 m2 extra warehouse facilities.


Extension with extra 4,000 m2 modern production facilities at Ambiente in Ukraine.


Founder and CEO, Orla Dahl Jepsen, passed away December 7, 2014.


The LARS LARSEN GROUP buys Actona Company together with the management.


Two of the largest furniture companies in Denmark, Actona Company A/S and Interstil A/S, merge and become one of the largest furniture suppliers in Europe.