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Terms of business
Actona Company A/S Sales and Delivery terms apply to all orders. 

Use of the website
Actona Company A/S takes all due care in compiling the information provided in this website, and regularly examines and updates it. Nevertheless, Actona Company A/S accepts no liability at all for the content of the website being correct, complete, up-to-date and constantly available. Actona Company A/S retains the right to make changes to this website without prior notice.
The products in the MY SITE area represent the current complete range of Actona Company A/S, however it is possible that some products are not available in all countries.

Actona Company A/S also rejects any responsibility for the content of the website being suitable for the user and his/her purposes. Binding information, advice, recommendations or statements are only made by Actona Company A/S in individual communications.
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General terms & conditions
This website is created on the basis of the Danish legal system; use of the website is subject to Danish law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction in transactions with registered traders, legal entities and special funds under public law is the domicile of Actona Company A/S.

Data protection
Actona Company A/S’ Internet offerings without revealing your personal identity. However, if you make contact it may be necessary to request, store, process and use certain details about you that indicates your identity. Actona Company A/S collects and uses any personal data requested from yourself or obtained through your access to the website only to deal with the reason for your contact. The data are stored by Actona Company A/S, but never passed to third parties. All information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the legal provisions concerning data protection.
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Cropyright, usage rights 
The contents of this Web site are the sole property of Actona Company A/S and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property right laws. The content of this website must not be used, disseminated, changed or made available to third parties for commercial purposes. This does not affect the downloading of text, pictures or diagrams, insofar as these are used to market Actona Company A/S products. Actona Company A/S cannot be held liable for the use or misuse of any of the information contained herein.
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April 28th 2017