Nevada sofa and Tipton tray tables


Want some furniture inspiration? Please have a look at our gallery of selected settings including sofas, resting chairs, coffee tables, lamp/nest tables, TV tables, sideboards and wall units…

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Construct sofa and Bolton coffee table
Mineola sofa og Marte coffee table

Breda sofa, Ramsey resting chair and Griston coffee table

Carolina sofa and Hereford coffee table
Canberra sofa and Ortiz coffee table
Emerson sofa and Bolton coffee table set

Great furniture is
more than design

Auburn swivel chair and Alisma coffee table
Hazel resting chair and Hoya coffee table

Ria sofa and Dudley coffee and lamp table
Chisa and Auburn resting chair
Ramsey resting chair and Breda sofa

Bellaire sofa and Stafford coffee table

Melanie resting chair and Tipton tray tables
Avondale sofa