Ayla dining chairs, Mallow dining table, highboard and sideboard


With a dining table from Actona it is easy to lay the table for a festive dinner or just a meal for
you family. Besides dining tables we have dining chairs, sideboards, cabinets, wall units, bar tables and bar stools. We have a wide range of dining room furniture. See some of them here.

Actona Company is selling products through retailers only. As retailer you will be able to see the full range at our web shop.

Roxby dining table and chairs
Eton glass cabinet and Carrera swivel chair
Kenley folding table and Frida dining chairs
Wilma table, sideboard and Eris dining chairs

Heaven dining table, Seaford glass cabinet, wall unit and Bella dining chairs

Seaford dining table and sideboard with Dima dining chairs
Amager dining table and Ava dining chairs

Huddersfield dining table
and Batilda dining chair

Stockholm dining table and sideboard with Brooke armchairs

Lisa bar table and bar stools
Chara bar table and Arosa bar stools
Budgie bar table and Lisa bar stools

Seaford bar table and Dima bar stools
Nido bar table and Sylvia bar stools