Designed by Jesper Ruban.

The EIK collection is inspired by the minimal and understated aesthetic of Scandinavian architecture. The EIK collection is made of oak wood and is treated with WL 100 to give the Scandinavian touch and feel. 

  • Understated Scandinavian design and craftsmanship
  • Easy-glide sliding doors
  • The individual pieces can be matched with other styles thanks to their understated design
  • Customers can decide whether they want the painted door on the left or right side 
  • KD cabinets

Designed by Jesper Ruban

The designer is inspired by the simplicity, honesty, aesthetics and clear lines displayed during the modernist period. Furniture design is a delicate balance between functionality, quality, and aesthetics. The furniture industry is fast moving, making it essential to keep ones finger on the pulse. Jesper's designs reflect current and upcoming trends while also showing innovative and lasting designs. 

Jesper Ruban graduated in 2012 from Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. His interpretation of design is deeply rooted in the Danish modernist furniture design and architecture tradition. 

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