Designed by NORDVINK

The HEIMDAL collection is one perfect combination of aesthetic and functionalism. With the modern user in mind, NORDVINK created a chair that is not only visually appealing, but also can be staked when not in use. The clean lines, rounded corners and use of oak bring a Nordic vibe to the collection.

  • Aesthetic combined with functionalism
  • Crated with the modern user in mind
  • Stackable, aesthetic chairs
  • Modern, Scandinavian collection






Nordvink takes pride in creating products and solutions which works in everyday life.

They see the world from a user's point of view. A point from where they also find inspiration and the opportunity to strive for that little extra, analyzing their behavior as opinions. It does not mean thoughtlessly design as users want it. It means challenging their standards and designing to a yet unrecognized need.

Nordvink is truly passionate with design based on the urban life and small living - and they strive to exploit their talent for design within interior, furniture and product design.