Designed by Anders Nørgaard.

The NORDI collection was inspired by Peter's table and chair, children's furniture designed by Hans Jørgen Wegner. Anders Nørgaard was given the table and chair on his 1st birthday, and still has the furniture. Assembling the table with a wedge has therefore proven to be stable and successful. 

  • Scandinavian design with clean lines
  • Tool-less furniture
  • Made from oak and treated with registered surface treatment WL100
  • Miltred corner joints
  • Drawers have push opening
  • The collection is available in oak and American walnut 

Designed by Anders Nørgaard

Anders Nørgaard focuses upon the aesthetics and functionality within his design. 

By combining these values, he is capable of creating a design which easily can be integrated in lifestyle and usage situations, while not compromising on the expression of details and the functionality of the product. 

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