Designed by Christina Aagaard.

NORSE is designed with a modern Scandinavian touch. Simplicity and honesty in the design makes it ideal for those who will buy a complete collection or only a few pieces to blend in with the furniture they already have. The collection has a unique frame which gives the furniture its signature touch.

  • Modern Scandinavian design
  • Made from oak and treated with registered surface treatment WL100
  • Dining table with synchronized butterfly extension
  • Sideboard with drawers and out-of-sight storage
  • All painted surfaces are treated with registered MAP surface treatment, which is scratch-resistant
  • KD cabinets

Designed by Christina Aagaard

Her expression displays a fondness of traditional modernist principles - honest materials, solid construction, utility, beauty without elaboration - alongside a mix of different materials, spanning from high pressure laminate to warm and natural materials, believing that nature and a touch of Nordic breeze is a key part of better living. 

Our inhouse designer Christina Aagaard graduated in 2012 from Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark.