When you do business with Actona Company you are guaranteed hassle free and cost efficient solutions and delivery on time. Just the way you want it.

We call it "the Actona Company package”. If your passion is selecting the right products for your business - let us take care about everything around it. We have superior set-ups for quality assurance and quality control and top due diligence systems with focus on rules & regulations, health & safety and back office service.


At Actona Company quality is more than just a word. We strongly believe in creating value for money for all our customers.

Our highly skilled quality assurance team makes sure that the construction and packaging comply with our high standard of quality. Before any new product is approved, we will make sure that it complies with the legal requirements in your market and is safe for use.

Our quality control inspectors will check the products before shipment and make sure that the physical appearance lives up to the quality requirements.


Random checks and tests of raw materials and finished goods are an integrated part of our quality assurance program.

This is carried out to further validate that materials comply with all legal requirements and products are fully safe for use.


At Actona Company we do everything in our power to make sure that the factories take responsibility for ensuring acceptable working conditions for the workers and comply with local rules and laws.

We appreciate our responsibility towards CSR and are a member of amfori (former BSCI). In addition to this our production facilities have passed audits from a number of large scale retailers.